Etisalat Daily1 gb per day for 30 days

Etisalat 1GB per day for 30 days 40 AED is a famous package among the mobile users of UAE. People also search it as ‘’ Etisalat monthly data package 40 AED” on Google. You will find here the all details of this data plan including the method of subscription.


Etisalat Monthly Data Package 40 AED

Etisalat offers a range of internet packages for its users in the Emirates. If we talk about the best one, that is the ‘’Etisalat monthly data package 40 AED’’. The said monthly net plan provides 1GB for 1 day throughout the month.  This thing makes it a cheaper and more attractive data plan for a common internet user.

Details of Etisalat 1GB per day for 30 days 40 AED Plan

Etisalat 1GB per day package allows users to enjoy uninterrupted internet browsing, streaming, and social media usage. Data allowances will be credited daily and will reset at midnight. After the subscription, you will get 1GB and 10 AED smiles. The price of this package is AED 40 per month. You can check more details of this package below.

  • You will be charged AED 40 per month for a subscription.
  • On the activation of the package, you will get a free AED 10 voucher for smiles
  • All the new and exciting customers can subscribe to this package.
  • According to the company, Etisalat 1 gb per day for 30 days 40 AED is for a limited-time offer.
Daily Data 1 GB
Total Data30 GB
ValidityOne Month
Cost of Subscription40 AED
Subscription Code*101*3030#
Offer Name: Limited Time Offer

Etisalat Monthly Data Package 35 AED


Eligible Users

All new and exciting Etisalat prepaid users can subscribe to this package. Postpaid customers are not eligible for Etisalat Monthly Data Package 40 AED. They will have to move to prepaid services to avail this opportunity. The availability of credit in your account is the main condition to activate the package.

Etisalat1GB Per Day Data Package Subscription Method

It is very easy to subscribe Etisatlat1GB per day data package. You have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Dial the SSD code *101*3030# from your mobile device.
  • You will receive a message in reply.
  • Then select option 1 to subscribe to the package.
  • It is done. your package is being activated and you will receive a confirmation SMS within some seconds.
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The second method to activate the Etisalat Monthly Data Package 40 AED is by using the Etisalat app or the web.

Method of Checking the Remaining Data

You simply have to dial *101# to check your internet usage and free voucher details. Etisalat app and official website also may be used for checking the remaining data of the Etisatlat1GB per day package.

How to Unsubscribe?

When you want to unsub the Etisalat Monthly Data Package 40 AED, just follow the steps given below.

  • Open your dial pad and dial *101#
  • You can also use Etisalat Application or the web login to deactivate the package


Friends, there is a variety of prepaid internet packages on the Etisalat website. You should analyze your necessity first then have to select a suitable package for you. Etisalat also offers a customization option. You can use it to make a special package for you.


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