Al Quoz industrial area 3

Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 is a free zone area of Dubai. You can say it is an economic area with no taxes or duties. The purpose is to boost business activities in the region.


Al Quoz 3 is located in the western region of Dubai. It meets with Al Wasl, Umm Al Sheif, Al Manara, and Al Safa by making a long rectangular strip between Al Khail Road, E44, and Sheikh Zayed Road, E11.

Al Quoz industrial area 1, Al Quoz industrial area 2, and Al Quoz industrial area 4 are also situated in the same place. You can find here the Al Quoz industrial area 3 location, map, and all other details.

Map of Al Quoz Industrial Area 3

According to the geographical point of view, we can say, that Al Quoz Dubai is a busy area between the two key districts. This oldest industrial zone has had several factories and companies working there since years ago.

As it is purely an industrial zone, a number of factories and warehouses are available there. But there aren’t many residential options around here. Only the workers and staff members of the companies live in Al Quoz industrial area.

Access to Al Quoz Industrial Area

You can use a Metro bus to reach the Al Quoz industrial area within Dubai. Noor Bank, Mall of the Emirates, and Abu Dhabi First Bank are the closest Metro stations to travel. The option of several other bus stations also may be opted for.

Important Points about Busses

  • The Al Quoz Industrial 3 Terminus Metro stations- 01 is 72 meters away, 7 Up Staff Accommodation – 02 is 402 meters away and the First Gulf Bank Metro Station is 3289 meters away from Al Quoz area.
  • The Bus lines stop near Al Quoz Terminus are 21, 84, 96, and F26.
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  • The M1 is the first Metro that goes to Al Quoz Industrial 3 Terminus at 5:51 AM.
  • The last Metro that goes to Al Quoz station is M1. Its timing is 12:29 a.m.
  • F26  goes to Al Quoz Industrial 3 as the first bus at 5:19 AM.
  • The last Bus that goes to Al Quoz Industrial 3 Terminus is 21. Its timing is 12:20 a.m.
 Al Quoz metro station

Banks and ATMs

All banking facilities are available in Al Quoz Industrial Area Dubai. You may visit a bank branch or use an ATM for withdrawing or depositing money, Bill Payments, or any other financial service. The list of Banks is given below.

  • Commercial Bank of Dubai | AL Quoz Branch
  • NBAD Bank | Al Quoz Mall Branch
  • NBAD Bank | Al Quoz II Branch
  • NBAD Bank | Al Quoz Branch
  • Emirates NBD | Al Quoz Branch
  • National Bank of Fujairah | Al Quoz Branch
Metro Station Near Me in Dubai, Metro Map 2023

Almost all important information regarding Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 is provided in this article. However, in case of any difficulty you can consult us by asking a question in the comment box. Stay blessed.

Questions About Al Quoz Industrial Area 3

Q 1: What is Al Quoz known for?

Ans: Basically, Al Quoz is an industrial cum residential area located in Western Dubai. There are a number of warehouses as well as art galleries. Only the workers and the persons related to industries work and live there.

Q 2: What is the location of Al Quoz?

Ans: Al Quoz is a commercial district located between Latifa Bin Hamda and Al Waha Street, adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road (E11).

Q 3: What is the name of the metro station in Al Quoz?

Ans: ONPASSIVE is the nearest Metro Station that is used by the Al Quoz and surrounding areas.

Q 4: What is the nearest airport to Al Quoz?

Ans: Dubai (DXB) Airport is the nearest airport to the Al Quoz Industrial Area. It is just 18.2 km away from Al Quoz 3 industrial area. Similarly, Al Maktoum Intl Airport is 24.3 km away from this area.


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