You are working in the United Arab Emirates and want to know about your duties and rights. Nice, it is necessary for all local workers and ex-pats to read the UAE Labour Law PDF file. It establishes the rights and obligations for its employees (employees) and businesses (employers). The application of the law on labor in the United Arab Emirates is an important way of implementing the highest standards.


Before reding UAE Labour Law PDF, you should know that the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has provided every detail regarding Labor Law and Employment.

UAE Labour Law PDF

Laws change all the time. So, be prepared! An all-in-one resource for all the ”UAE labour law pdf” you require. Non-nationals are not permitted to be employed in any way within the State, unless according to the rules that are stipulated in the Law and executive directives. 

UAE labour law pdf

How to Check NOL Card Balance?

Here are legal UAE Labor Law pdf articles to be adhered to by both the employer and the employee that include the complete details of the contract of employment of employees, their salaries as well as occupational injuries sustained at work, the end in-service gratuity work hours, annual leave cancellation, termination and many more.


Download UAE Labour Law

New Law Regarding Leave

The Emirates employers have noticed their employers that New Labour Law makes no mention of Hajj Leave (also called Pilgrimage Leave). In addition, the Implementing Regulations are also silent on the previously granted leave, which means that it is not a right for Hajj Leave under the New Labour Law The leave is at the discretion of the employer.


These Implementing Regulations further provide that:

  • Employees can combine bereavement leave or parental leave, as well as annual leave, and unpaid leave;
  • The proofs must be provided to employees after returning from bereavement leave.
  • parental leave must be substantiated by presenting the birth certificates of the child.
  • The evidence of the dates for conducting the tests during an absence for study may be requested by employers. However, it is not clear if it is a paid or unpaid holiday.

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