uae holidays 2019

UAE Holidays 2019 Schedule

UAE holidays 2019

UAE holidays 2019 is an interesting topic in United Arab Emirates as like as in other countries. The employes and general workers wait for holidays like students. As there is much amusement and a lot of places to visit in UAE, people plane to enjoy their holidays in organized way. For this purpose they want to know about UAE public holidays in advance. We have designed a holidays schedule for them.

1St January Public holiday

According to the details of UAE holidays 2019, new year began with a public holiday. yes it was 1st January when people celebrate new year. New year parties start at last night of the year and continue whole night. Fireworks shown in the global city Dubai on new year night are most popular in the world. Foreigners also organize new year parties and luxury hotels. Burj Al Khalifa remains centre point on this eve. In this way, public welcome new year and enjoy public holiday on next day (1st January).

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March Equinox holiday in UAE

March equinox is also included in UAE holidays 2019 but it is an optional holiday and falls in seasonal category. For the sake of information, we will like to reveal that on 21st March, the duration of day and night will be the same in UAE. This is called Mach equinox.

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3rd April, The Prophet (PBUH) ascension

Al Isra’ wal Miraj is on 3rd April according to UAE holidays calendar. It is the day of The Prophet (PBUH) ascension. It will be observed as public holiday around the country. There is Thursday on April 3, so next day will also a holiday and people will enjoy two consecutive holidays.

6th May, beginning of Ramdan

The holy month of Ramdan is expected in May. According to UAE holidays 2019, first Sawm of Sayam will be on 6th May. Muslims make special preparations for Ramdan. They change their daily schedule of working, go to malls for necessary shopping and creat religious atmosphere. For this purpose most of muslims quit their daily routine. This holiday falls in observance category.

June 3,4,5 Eid Al Fitr days

3rd, 4th and 5th June are included in UAE public holidays 2019, as Eid Al Fitr is expected on 4/5 June. Eid is celebrated for minimum three days. In 2018, five holidays were announced on Eid. These holidays are in national category.

3rd June may be eid night known as “chand raat”. Special Eid stalls and markets are arranged on this day, from where people buy dresses, shoes and other things for Eid festival. Muslims celebrate these days of Ead as happiest days of life every year.

August 11 – Hajj Day

11th August will be Hajj day, when Muslims perform Hajj in holy city of Makkah. It is also called as Arafat day. This day is a part of public holidays in UAE 2019. However it is subject to the moon sighting i.e, Islamic calender.

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August 12-13-14, Eid Al Adha

When we talk about holidays in UAE, Eid Al Adha is another event when three or four consecutive holidays are celebrated every year. It may be on 12,13 and 14 june this year. On this eve, Muslims perform Sunat e Ibrahimi and sacrifice animals. The meat is distributed among poor Muslims by the order of Allah.

In UAE, large gatherings of Eid prayer are arranged. People wear new dresses and go to mosques for special prayer. After that they sacrifice animals, act is also known as Qurbani. They also visit their relatives and then public places to celebrate this religious festival.

1st September, Start of new Islamic year

The Islamic year (Hijra) starts from 1st Muharram, which is expected on Sep 1. A public holiday is observed on this day in UAE holidays calendar. We should remember that Islamic dates are subject to the moon sighting. So it may be vary by one or two days.

November 10, Prophet (PBUH) Birthday

12 Rabi Al Awwal is Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Muslims celebrate this day by heart. This day is expected on 10th November this year. It also may be on 9th Nov, depending on the moon sighting. This is public holiday not only in UAE but also in all Muslim countries in the world.

30th November, Commemoration Day

Every nation remember their heroes. For which, President of the UAE, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced to celebrate November 30 as Commemoration Day, In 2015. Since then, on this day, citizens of UAE honour and remember those Emaratis who sacrificed their lives for the country. This day is also called Martyr’s Day. From 2015, 30th Nov is annual public holiday here.

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National Day of UAE

2nd December is national day of United Arab Emirates. The government has announced two public holidays in UAE this year. When you check the holidays in UAE 2019, you may know that second and third December are included. As 1st Dec is on Sunday, employes of multinational companies in UAE will be able to grab three holidays on this event.

If we reveals the history, we will come to know that it is the day, when in 1971 “Ras Al Khaimah” the seventh emirate joined UAE. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was selected as the first president of the federation. Therefor, it is the day of unity for Emirates which is celebrated national day.

Additional Holidays

A far from public holidays in UAE, After amendment in labour rules, the govt employes in Dubai can get 13 types of leave in 2019. These are described as Hajj leave, sick leave, leave for domestic workers illness, wife illness, leave for child school activity, leave for govt duty and salary day leave. Every employ can get 30 leaves in a year. According to new labour rules, the department head is bound to approve the leave with in 10 days, otherwise, it will be approved automatically.

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