Today Dirham rate in Pakistan is the main topic of this blog but you must be aware of important things about AED to PKR conversion. Of course, Dirham (AED) is the official currency of the UAE. A huge number of Pakistanis living in UAE are most concerned about ‘’Dubai to Pakistan currency’’ as they send money to their loved ones. They use to check the Dubai currency rate in Pakistan.


Today Dirham Rate in Pakistan

You can check today Dirham rate in Pakistan from this table.

Currency Converter AED/PKR: Thu, 21 Sep.

Dubai to Pakistan Currency

Pak currency fluctuates on a daily basis and if you convert Dubai to Pakistan currency (1 AED to PKR) the average rate is PKR 60.28. The rates are decided as per the proceedings of the State Bank of Pakistan.

The buying and selling rates of AED to PKR will be different in the interbank, open market, and currency exchange. If you talk about the open market, the AED to PKR current buying conversion rate is 59.60, and the selling currency rate in Pakistan exchanges is 60.28. 

Dubai currency rate in Pakistan    

This article ‘’ Dubai currency rate in Pakistan’’ is not only for people who are making an earning in the UAE but also for those who are planning to travel to Pakistan. They will surely want to use Dubai currency in Pakistan.

Today Dirham Rate in Pakistan

UAE currency in Pakistan has a huge value when converted into the national currency of Pakistan which is PKR. The PKR currency notes are issued by the State Bank of Pakistan, in the denominations of 10, 20, 50, 75, 100, 500, 1,000, and 5,000. We have provided everything you need to know about today’s Dirham Rate in Pakistan, including how to get the best AED to PKR exchange rates and avoid paying high conversion fees.


UAE currency in Pakistan

In 1973, the Emarti Dirham was introduced in UAE and locally used by every Emirate. At that time there were coins of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 fils, and 1 Dirham, these coins came in different sizes, shapes, and materials. However, today these coins are re-designed and given new shapes and sizes. On the other hand, banknotes of Dirhams were also introduced in 1973 along with the denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 50, and later in 1936, the 100 dirhams were also included in the list of banknotes. After that different series of banknotes with significant changes was introduced in the country onwards.

The AED to PKR currency details below is based on today Dirham Rate in Pakistan open buying and selling market.

Buying and Selling Rate of one UAE Dirham (AED) in Pakistani Rupee (PKR) in the open market on November 11, 2022:

  • The currency of the United Arab Emirates is Dirham and its code is AED.
  • The symbol for the United Arab Emirates Dirham currency is ”د.إ
  • The currency of the Pakistan is Pakistani Rupee and its code is PKR.
  • The symbol for the Pakistan Rupee currency is ₨.
  • The Dirham can be further divided into 100 fils.
  • You can further divide Rupee into 100 paise.
  • Buying Rate: Rs 59.72 of 1 UAE Dirham.
  • Selling Rate: Rs 60.28 of 1 UAE Dirham.
  • The buying rate is provided by an exchange company or a bank that buys foreign currencies.
  • The selling rate is provided by an exchange company or a bank that sells foreign currencies.
  • This AED currency rate was updated at 09:00 AM Pakistan Standard Time (PST).

Methods to Convert AED to PKR

There are several simple methods to convert AED to PKR. You can use a calculator to make a conversion or do it manually.

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1. By Using a Currency Calculator

The currency conversion calculator is the most accurate way to get an estimate if you want to convert any foreign currency. We already discussed the rate fluctuation on a daily basis, so using a calculator will be beneficial to ensure your math is correct.

Keep in mind that at the time of exchanging currency some fees are added that a conversion calculator will not provide. For example, when you do foreign transactions, credit cards and ATMs usually charge a minimum 1% conversion fee. There are some merchants who charge additional fees upon asking them to convert the price of an item to another currency at checkout.

Dubai to Pakistan currency

2. Calculate it Manually

This is one of the important formulae out there. You can calculate the conversion manually with the help of a simple mathematical formula. Before you continue with the process it’s important to know the current exchange rate of AED. At the time of writing this blog, 1 AED is equal to 60.28 PKR.

Once you know the correct exchange rate, multiply it by the amount you have in AED. The resulting number will be the amount you will have in PKR. You can use it on your trip to Pakistan.

Example of Manual Currency Conversion

Suppose you have 1000 AED and you want to know how much rupees you will have for a trip to Pakistan. With the help of today’s Dirham rate in Pakistan, the conversion formulae look like the one given below:

1000 AED x 60.28 = 60,280 PKR

Where To Buy PKR?

If you thinking about buying PKR, planning ahead will result in low exchange fees. We have mentioned three ways to exchange your AED currency while the lowest fees charged:


Money Exchange in UAE

Before you travel, the money exchange in UAE is a good option. They have centers that can be found at malls, public markets, and airports. Bank and some of the hotels in the UAE offer to exchange AED for other currencies. According to an official UAE tourism website, the exchange centers in the country provide good exchange rates.

Bank ATM

If you have reached your destination, you can convert Dubai currency to Pakistan by using an ATM. Not just that, in case of need of cash you can withdraw money by finding the nearest in-network ATM. You can locate an ATM by using Google Maps or a banking app. You can avoid access fees by using an ATM affiliated with your bank. We wish you good luck finding an ATM in Pakistan as there are less than 16,000 active ATMs with a population of almost 230 million residents.

Order Online AED

It may seem inappropriate, but today these services are available. Since banks don’t provide such services, you can reach third-party vendors to get the home delivery service. However, you will have to check and be aware of inflated costs. For example, Currency Exchange International (CXI) says that they don’t charge a delivery fee for their services. Yet, you will have to pay up to $25 USD as an overnight shipping fee.

Things to Avoid When Exchanging Currency

At the time of exchanging currency at an airport, the exchange booths offer the worst exchange rates while charging the highest fees. The case will be worse in Pakistan than in the UAE, but you should pay attention when you’re exchanging currency at an airport.

Avoid paying with a credit card while you’re in Pakistan. Pay with cash instead as your credit card issuer might charge you a worse foreign exchange rate than a bank or a booth at the airport.


Exchanging different currencies is very common these days. People are sending, selling, or buying these currencies daily. But the exchange between these currencies like AED to PKR is very important. UAE holds a great relationship with Pakistan. So trading between both countries is also common. Thus in case, you need an AED to PKR converter, visit our website offering live rates of foreign currencies.


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