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Luxury life may be a dream for ex-pats, backpackers, and small business owners in the UAE, but practically it is not physical. They have to save money for their families and bright future.


Second hand Shops in Abu Dhabi

Such people cannot afford expensive clothes, shoes, electronics, or other items. So they search keywords like ”second hand shops in Abu Dhabi”, ”Thrift Store Abu Dhabi” and ”used household items for sale in Abu Dhabi”.

Thrift Store Abu Dhabi

The shops where you can buy used things and save money are called ”Thrift Store Abu Dhabi” We have given here some famous places for your convenience.

1) – Hamdan Street’s Second Hand Shops

The people who want to find vintage and secondhand clothes may visit Hamdan Street’s ready-made shops. You have to see word “ready-made” on shop’s boards. There are a lot of stores like Ukay Ukay and Jamal Kamal thrift Shops where cheap garments and shoes are available.

Second hand Shops in Abu Dhabi

2)- Al Youssef Centre

Al Youssef Centre is a triple story thrift plaza in Hamdan Street. There is a series of second hand shops known for jean jackets, trousers, vintage blazers and scarf etc. You need to have some time for shopping here.

3)- Heritage Touch

We recommend Heritage Touch for thrift furniture and handicrafts. This may be the result of searching ‘’ used household items for sale in Abu Dhabi’’. This brand has several branches across Abu Dhabi, but you have to visit Mina Zayed shop. You can bargain for your desired item to get a heavy discount.


4)- Red Sea Antiques

The antiques lovers can find thrift show pieces from this antique shop situated in Madinat Zayed. Everything from fridge magnets to gold camel statues is on sale here. You also may buy cheap ornately painted jewelry box and vintage clock type items from Red Sea Antiques.


5)- AE Vintage

The residents who like to shop online have a choice to order the thrift products on this website and get at their door steps. For free home delivery you will have to spend over Dhs70.

6)- Fashion Rerun

Fashion Rerun is known for secondhand clothing that ships to Abu Dhabi. This online store offers hundreds of items at affordable rates. Simple select and order without wondering here and there.

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7)- Yellow Pages for Second Hand Shops in Abu Dhabi

By keeping in your mind the second hand shops in Abu Dhabi, if you have decided to buy a used electronics item, should visit Yellow Pages for online shopping. This site is full of ‘used household items for sale in Abu Dhabi’’ ads of different second hand products.


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