salary of nurses in Ireland

Nurses worldwide like to move to Ireland due to its attractive packages and facilities. In this way, they search ‘’salary of nurses in Ireland’’ on Google. Here is the answer to this query.


Salary of Nurses in Ireland

The average salary of nurses in Ireland is € 3695 per month. You can also state it as € 45 119 per year or € 22.74 per hour. The salary of a newly appointed nurse starts from € 37 641 per year, while most experienced get up to € 55 204 per year.

nurses salary in Ireland
Male and Female Nursed In an Irish Hospital

Pre-registered Nurses

When a nurse completes a nursing course and gets registered under the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI), her salary starts from € 37 641. On the other hand, overseas nurses making adaptations are considered pre-reg nurses or candidate nurses in a public hospital and are also given the above salary.

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Break Down of Nurse’s Salary in Ireland

  • Gross Income
  • Tax Due
  • Irish Income Tax
  • Universal Social charges
  • Social Insurance
  • Net Income
  • 45119 € yearly
  • 10845 €
  • 7687 €
  • 1353 €
  • 1804 €
  • 34273 €/year
  • 3759 € Monthly
  • 903 €
  • 640 €
  • 112 €
  • 150 €
  • 2856 €/month

Standards and Guidelines for Nurses in Ireland

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI), it is dedicated to enabling nurses registered in Ireland and midwives to take an integral part in enhancing Irish health services. Helping midwives and nurses make the best decisions in the care of patients and attain professional standards is at the heart of the work NMBI is doing.


To aid nurses and midwives with their decision-making it has created guidelines, standards, and tools that are accessible on its website. Board has created an online help center to answer professional questions and concerns of midwives and nurses regarding the professional practices they follow.

Board wants to urge all registered nurses and midwives as well as all students and other stakeholders to take the time to read this material. It is also recommended that you visit our Help Centre where you can go through the most frequently asked questions by subject.


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