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Red book of human traffickers and visa agents

Most wanted human traffickers and visa agents

Federal Investigation Agency, FIA has mandate to take action agaist fraudulent visa agents and human traffickers. A report reveals that 112 most wanted human traffickers are working across the country through their agents on 18 routes. 12 groundwater and marine routes are being used for human trafficking from Pakistan to Iran and Oman. The areas like Chaman, Gulistan, Nashki, Chagai, Panchgur and Turbat are known for this purpose.

The visa agents and human traffickers use methods, by land or sea route through Iran and Oman, moving from airports through airports through fake documents as well as legal visas of Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey.

visa agents

Human traffickers are also involved in murderes and kidnapping of Pakistanis traveling through them. In 2018, the FIA ​​authorities set up special counters in all countries coming to traditional trafficking for human trafficking to prevent human trafficking from the FIA, including Iran, Turkey, Greece, United Kingdom. Etc. The aim was to help the traffickers of human traffickers with the help of these countries. However, the situation was detected by human traffickers and they began to curtail alternative routes.

Since human smugglers wish to go abroad, they had to face difficulties in transit the United States and European countries directly from Pakistan on counterfeiting travel documents and immigrants in these countries were harsh, so the former Russians for human trafficking States and African states were started using.
It is vast issue and we are simply publishing here a red book of most wanted fraud visa agents and human traffickers issued by FIA. 112 notorious agents are include in this list, you can check their all particulers and safe yourself from them.

Red book issued by FIA

Click on the link to read in PDF form

red book pdf

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