Check Prize Bond Schedule 2019

Prize Bond Schedule 2019

Prize bond Schedule 2019 is a hot topic for people who want to change their lives by low investment. They buy prize bond one time and get lifetime chance to win prizes. You have right to return it any time to the state bank in same price. Prize bond draws are being held according to Prize Bond Schedule issued by National savings of Pakistan.

prize bond schedule 2019

You can check schedule of any draw from our prize bond schedule 2019

In Prize Bond Schedule 2019, values of prize bond, date of draw and cities are given. Values of prize bond are one hundred, two hundred, seven and half hundred, fifteen hundred, seven thousand five hundred, fifteen thousand, twenty-five thousand and forty thousand. Prize Bond Schedule describes that Prize bond draws will be held in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Muzzafarabad and Hyderabad this year. AED to PKR


prize bond schedule 2019


The holders of Prize bond check their prizes in the draw list after draw. You can read this list on official website of national savings, as well as in national news papers. When you buy a prize bond, there will be four chances to win prize in a year. If you read Prize Bond Schedule 2019, you can understand this point that every prize bond will be included in draw four times every year.

Prize Bond Schedule

According to Prize Bond Schedule 2019, draw of 15000 prize bond was held on first Jan 2019. 2nd draw of 750 prize bond was on 15th January. The detail of other draws is as under.

RS 25000  01-02-2019 Friday
RS 7500   01-02-2019 Friday
RS 1500  15-02-2019 Friday
RS 100    15-02-2019 Friday
RS 40000 01-03-2019 Friday
RS 200    15-03-2019 Friday
RS 15000 01-04-2019 Monday
RS 750    15-04-2019 Monday
RS 25000 02-05-2019 Thursday
RS 7500  02-05-2019 Thursday
RS 1500  15-05-2019 Wednesday
RS 100   15-05-2019 Wednesday
RS 40000 03-06-2019 Monday
RS 200    17-06-2019 Monday
RS 15000 01-07-2019 Monday
RS 750    15-07-2019 Monday
RS 25000 01-08-2019 Thursday
RS 7500   01-08-2019 Thursday
RS 1500  15-08-2019 Thursday
RS 100    15-08-2019 Thursday
RS 40000 02-09-2019 Monday
RS 200    16-09-2019 Monday
RS 15000 01-10-2019 Tuesday
RS 750    15-10-2019 Tuesday
RS 25000 01-11-2019 Friday
RS 7500  01-11-2019 Friday
RS 1500  15-11-2019 Friday
RS 100    15-11-2019 Friday
RS 40000 02-12-2019 Monday
RS 200    16-12-2019 Monday

Prize Bond

Prize bond is a legal paper issued by the State bank of Pakistan in 1960. SBP insures that the holder of a Prize bond can exchange it with the currency of Pakistan anytime. Prize bond scheme is run by the National savings department. Although under the Prize Bond Rules 1999, only offices of state bank, National saving centers and nominated commercial banks are authorized to sell a prize bond, yet its business is running everywhere around the country. These bonds are interest free, however prizes are announced by draws after every three months. Prize bond schedule is issued for this purpose and the bearer can claim his prize money within six years after the draw.

Values of Prize bond 

There are prize bonds of 8 different values. The values of prize bonds are PKR 40000, 25000, 15000, 7500, 1500, 750, 200 and 100. According to the prize bond schedule 2019, every month prize bond draws are held under the supervision of draw committee consisting of one chairman and four members. These members are selected from the Central Directorate of National savings, while state bank offices situated in main cities of Pakistan host these prize bond draws.

Prize bond draw list

The Central Directorate of National savings publish the result of prize bond draw list not only on his website but also in National newspapers.  Common men called these results as prize bond list. In this sense, prize bond list 40000, prize bond list 25000, prize bond list 15000, prize bond list 7500, prize bond list 1500, prize bond list 7500, prize bond list 200 and prize bond list 100 are published in a sequence according to the prize bond schedule.

Investment in Prize Bond

To buy a prize bond is best investment by many aspects. As interest is prohibited in Islam, true Muslims do not like to get profits on their savings. In this sense, Prize bond investment is best for them. They know that their money is safe and they can withdraw it anytime. Moreover, they can buy anything against prize bond, as these are accepted on all stores and banks.

When prize bond draw is held on the date given in the prize bond schedule, they can also get a prize which is not interest. A lot of people believe that they can save money to spend if it is in the form of prize bonds. They think that prize bond is safe and can win a prize for them. So they hesitate to spend it.  Riyal to PKR, currency converter

Premium Prize Bonds RS. 40,000

Before 2017, there were prize bonds of only seven values and this scheme was entitled as National Prize Bonds Scheme. In March 2017, a registered prize bond of RS 40,000 was introduced by the National Savings with the collaboration of State Bank. This was called ‘’Registered prize bonds scheme”. Its first prize is 75000000/, three prizes of 25000000/ each on second and 660 prizes of 5 lac each on third. You can check prize bond schedule 2019 for next draw.

Convenience of Public

The State bank take some actions to facilitate the people time to time, who wants to buy and sell prize bond. Now you can get prize bond from state bank by depositing cheque of same amount. In this way you do not need to take the risk of carrying the hard cash. You will be also facilitated when win a prize. State bank will credit your prize money in your account after the completion of process.

Unauthorized Prize Bond Business

Unauthorized dealers are dealing with the prize bond business for years. They buy prize bonds on same prize but sell with their profit near the draws. Their short investment is related to the prize bond schedule. This is illegal according to the rules of State bank of Pakistan.

‘’Purchi joowa’’ is also introduced by these unauthorized prize bond dealers. They buy slips carrying prize bond numbers for draw and loot lay men. This is open gambling which is goes on in every city and police collect monthly for its protection.

It is the demand of society from the government to take action against such so-called dealers, so that poor people might save their money from them. It is also the responsibility of our leadership to guide the people that they can save their money and get better opportunity to buy the original prize bond or deposit money in the saving accounts.

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