Long Salt Lake Abu Dhabi

As Long Salt Lake Abu Dhabi was discovered, people went crazy on social media. It is a stunning piece of art filled with emerald green waters. Salt Lake is also known as the “Al Wathba Long Salt Lake,” located in the desert area of Abu Dhabi.


This place attracts many tourists and people to take pictures and spend time. If you are planning a trip to this unique place then this article will provide all the information about this mysterious lake!

Long Salt Lake Abu Dhabi Location

Address: Al Wathba Long Salt Lake, 5G52+HX5, Al Bihouth, Abu Dhabi

Long Salt Lake Abu Dhabi map

Most of the pictures circling the internet are from an area in Abu Dhabi’s Al Wathba District that is now often referred to as “Long Salt Lake.” If you are visiting the area we strongly recommend you travel by SUV as there will be some off-roading.

Story Behind The Long Salt Lake

Al Wathba Salt Lake is man-made and has become one of the most memorable places in the world. The water flowing in the lake comes from the pipes buried beneath. The dry climate completes the rest of the work along the coast of this area, resulting in the formation of large salt flats known as sabkha. It’s among the top places worth visiting in Abu Dhabi.

The question remains about how the salt was transformed into the shape of a mushroom; we know that humans made it. Naturally, it would take several years for the huge salt pads to achieve this attractive stepping-stone formation in the lake. The only reasonable explanation is that the artificially flowing water makes its way through the existing mineral deposits of salt leaving beautiful crystalline salt pads.


Activities at Salt Lake

There are many things you do once you have reached Long Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi. The scene itself amazes you for a moment. You will find yourself wandering and exploring the area or walking on salt structures that look like lily pads. We can bet that you will it hard to suppress your enthusiasm.

Salt Lake Abu Dhabi

Barbeque with family and friends is also a good option. People, who are an adventurer and like camping out, can set up a tent or go on a desert safari in Dubai. Don’t forget about the camera, capture some stunning photos and upload them on social media because this location is postcard-worthy.

Al Suhub Rest House Khorfakkan


Abu Dhabi is full of exciting activities, especially for people who love outdoor traveling and discovering new spots. The stunning Long Salt Lake is among the breathtaking natural elements work that is a good start. You can continue traveling ahead after visiting the lake. The Mangrove National Park is also an attractive tourist destination in Abu Dhabi. Al Safa Park is a deserving place for a trip with family indeed.


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