Jazz number check code 2021

Here is the answer to your queries “how to check jazz number”, “Jazz number check code” and Jazz number check.


Jazz number check code

You are using a Jazz sim and want to check its number. For this purpose, “Jazz number check code” is *99#

How to check jazz Sim number?

  • Open the dialing pad of your mobile phone and dial *99#
  • At the next moment, your jazz sim number will appear on the screen as MSISDN. You can see it below.
jazz number check code

Second Method

The jazz sim number can also be checked by simply sending a blank message to 667.

Jazz number check
  • First of all, open the new message.
  • Type MNP in the message box and send it to 667
  • The Mobilink system will quickly reply with the details of your jazz
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The sim number, name, CNIC number, IMSI number, activation date, and Connection type as shown in the screenshot given below.

how to check jazz number

How Many Sims on My Iqama?

Both pre-paid and postpaid customers can use these methods for jazz number check. These are absolutely free of cast operations.

When do you need to Check your Jazz Sim Number?


Really, it will be an interesting situation, when you need to check your sim number, and a code is required for this purpose. It may be a scenario when you have more than two jazz sims and not able to identify the numbers.  

In other cases, you find an unknown sim and want to check its number for investigation. Anyhow, you may use any of the methods given in this blog to check the jazz sim number.


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