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Due to the hike in the Iqama fees under Saudization policy, both the ex-pats and Kafeel prefer to check the iqama renewal fee before thinking of Iqama Renewal. Now the MOI Iqama fees and health insurance is also imposed on iqama holders.  


First of all, we will explain here the Iqama renewal process, then state the Iqama fees.

Iqama Renewal Process

According to the new labor laws of Saudi Arabia, now the iqama renewal is possible on a quarterly basis. In past, it was only allowed for a year.

You have to pay a work permit fee as well as an Iqama fee for this purpose. If you have your family members also in KSA, you will also pay a dependent fee for Iqama renewal.

A valid health insurance policy is also necessary. You may check rates of health insurance by searching it on Google.

As per law, domestic workers are exempted from work permit fees. Small businesses with up to eight employees, including a full-time Saudi employer, are also exempted from the expatriate fee for two employees.

Iqama Renewal Fee 2022

Iqama renewal fees for 2020 are as under;

Iqama Fee for 3 MonthsSR 163
Iqama Fee for 6 MonthsSR 325
Iqama Fee for 9 MonthsSR 488
Iqama Fee for 1 YearSR 650

Work Permit Fee/ Maktab Amal Fee

You can check your work permit fee or Matkat Amal fee from this chart. Monthly Maktab Amal fee is SR 800. You can pay according to this schedule.

Work Permit Fee for 3 MonthsSR 2400
Work Permit Fee for 6 MonthsSR 4800
Work Permit Fee for 9 MonthsSR 7200
Work Permit Fee for 1 YearSR 9600

Iqama fees for Wife

The Saudi government has fixed the Iqama fee for a wife that is 500 Riyal per year. It shows that the renewal fee for any ex-pats’ wife is the same.


Driver’s Iqama renewal fee

As the drivers fall in the general category, their iqama renewal fees are the same as stated in the table of 2020.

Fee For Family

According to new rules, every ex-pat will have to pay 500 Riyal for his family every year.  This fee varies by the number of adults and the school-going kids.

iqama renewal

Renewal Fee 2019

You can check here the Renewal fee 2019 for the employees of the companies who have more than 50% Saudi staff. Check Traffic Violation Saudi Arabia Number Plate

  • Work permit fee: 6000 Riyal
  • Iqama fee: 750 Riyal
  • Insurance(Avg): 450 Riyal
  • Total Iqama fee: 7200 Riyal

For Companies Having Less Than 50% Local Staff

  • Work permit fee: 7200 Riyal
  • Iqama fees: 750 Riyal
  • Insurance(Avg): 450 Riyal
  • Total fee 2019: 8400 Riyal

Iqama Renewal Fee 2018

If you are going to assess the renewal fee of 2018, it was as under, for the ex-pats whose companies had more than 50% Saudi staff.

  • Work permit fee: 3600 Riyal
  • Iqama fee: 750 Riyal
  • Insurance(Avg): 450 Riyal
  • Total fee: 4800 Riyal

For A Company Where Saudi Staff Was Less Than 50%

  • Work permit fee: 4800 Riyal
  • Iqama fees: 750 Riyal
  • Insurance(Avg) : 450 Riyal
  • Total fees: 6000 Riyal

Final Words

You have asses the iqama renewal fee for the current and upcoming year. Now the renewal of iqama every year is mandatory. You will have to face many problems like fines and even deportation from KSA If you don’t renew your Iqama in time.

According to new rules, iqama holders are bound to renew their iqamas before three days of expiry. In case of violation of this rule, the first penalty is 5 Riyal which will be extended to 1000 Riyal for the second time. There is no concession for the third time. Such an iqama holder will be deported immediately.


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  1. Can i renew the Iqama for my dependents for less than a year as i plan to send them on final exist after 1 month of the iqama expiry. Hence want to renew the Iqama for two months only. Is this possible?

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