How to Get Umrah Visa from Dubai? Latest Information

Umrah Visa from Dubai

Umrah Visa from Dubai

You need Umrah Visa from Dubai, of course, want to perform this important act of Islam. It’s a great feeling to have a love for Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) in your heart. You could learn all details regarding Umrah from this blog, InshAllah.

How to Get Umrah Visa from Dubai?

You must be aware that you can get an Umrah visa from Dubai only through an authorized Hajj and Umrah agent. Like a visit or a work visa kafeel or sponsor is also required for an umrah visa. In this case, the Saudi ministry of Hajj authorizes eligible travel companies or agents. They provide the guarantee of the applicants that they will leave KSA before the expiry of the visa.

Licensed travel agents offer different Umrah packages including air tickets, hotel booking, transport facilities, etc. You have to select a plan and pay them for applying for an Umrah visa from Dubai for you.

E- Umrah Visa

The Saudi administration has made many changes to the Umrah process after Covid 19. Now E Umrah visa is available to save time and remove the hassles. An authorized agent can apply and get the E-Umrah visa on the same day according to the new policy.

Umrah Visa Requirements

You will provide the following document to your travel agent to get Umrah Visa from Dubai.

  • Original passport, valid for a minimum of 6 months
  • UAE Residence Visa with minimum 3 months validity.
  • Copy of Emirates ID card.
  • Passport-size photo with white background.
  • Covid vaccination Certificate.
  • Kids age 11 and below are exempted from vaccine certificates.
  • Now PCR test is not required for Umrah.
  • Umrah visas are open for all ages

Umrah Visa Cost

The new Umrah visa cost Dh1,400 to Dh1,800 per person in the UAE. According to tour operators, this is only the cost of the visa, per person. The standard packages include the cost of hotel stays and airlines for specific dates.

Earlier the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah canceled the repeat Umrah visa fee in the new Umrah policy 2022. Now Muslims belonging all around the world including Pakistan will not have to pay 2000 Riyal on their second Umrah in the same year. Now the Umrah visa fee from Pakistan is 300 Riyal for all Muslims.

Simply We Can Say That The Saudi Government Has Abolished Two Thousand Fee And Imposed 300 Riyal As Umrah Visa Fee On All New And Repeating Pilgrims.

According to the Arab News, the Saudi minister for Haj and Umrah, Dr. Mohammad Salih has thanked King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the settlement of the Umrah visa fee issue.

Umrah Policy

According to the Umrah policy, you can apply for an Umrah visa from Dubai and other parts of the world after the Hajj season. In this way, the submission of Umrah visa applications started from 15 Zil Hajj and continues till 14 Shawwal.

Umrah Visa Fee from Pakistan

Every Muslim has the desire to perform Hajj and Umrah. So millions of Muslims visit Saudi Arabia for this holy object from around the world every year. The Saudi government has been facilitating the pilgrims and never charged the Umrah visa fee from Pakistan like other countries, even still it is free for the first visit. However, it was imposed last year on the second term. Now it is canceled and the Umrah visa fee for Pakistani is 300 Riyal as well as for all Muslims.

Umrah news

There were two confusions regarding the Umrah visa fee for 2020. The first one was due to the Saudi government. Our prime minister Imran Khan went to Saudi Arabia on his first official visit in Sep 2018. On this eve, the two brother countries agreed to increase corporation in every field of life. PM Imran raises the issue of the Umrah visa fee from Pakistan on this occasion and crown prince Mohammad bin Salman promised to check the issue.

Very next month, the Saudi Hajj ministry informed our ministry that they were agreed to abolish Umrah visa fees from Pakistan. The Secretary of Religious Affairs told in the Senate.  

Umrah Medical Insurance

Besides the Umrah visa fee from Pakistan, medical insurance is also a mandatory part of your Umrah journey now. You have to pay an extra 110 Riyals for Umrah medical insurance. However, the insurance companies will provide you with different covers during your stay in Holy City.

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Note: According to Saudi laws, women and children should be accompanied by a husband/father or a Mahram. Proof of relationship in the form of marriage and birth certificates. It is necessary for “Mahram” to travel on the same flight.

Immunity: 45 years or more old women can travel without Mahram.

Umrah Visa Validity

Umrah’s visa validity is one month now. Within 2 weeks you should perform Umrah and can visit Saudi Arabia for the rest of the two weeks.

Umrah Visa Status

After submitting all documents, paying the Umrah visa fee, and fulfilling all the conditions you will have to wait for visa approval. During this period you can check the current position from this link: Umrah Visa Status


  1. I intend to perform Umrah along with family members which include 03 children under 4 years and 02 infants of 06 months. My inquiry is about the expenses of passport, visa, air ticket and accommodation of children and infants.

  2. Respected Sir,
    I want to start business as travel and tour agent.For this purpose I want to get license for travel and tour.
    Kindly guide me in this regard.

  3. Hi Admin,
    I would like to know that i got Umra visa from Ireland on Pakistani passport. Can i go on Umra from Pakistan on same visa? I am 35years old – does age restriction applies on me travelling alone?
    could you please answer.

    1. Author

      You can go for Umrah from anywhere on a valid Umrah visa.

  4. Assalam o Alaikum,
    Brother i am living in saudi arabia and i want to bring my sister and younger brother for umrah, but i dont want to take any package because my plan is to bring them here in riyadh and will take them to makkah myself,
    can u plz guide in this regards?
    how can we apply for e-visa? is there any possibility to get visa online without agents?
    age of my sister is 35 years and she is government professor and she has got the NOC from her university, while brother is 15 years.

    your guidelines will be highly appreciated.
    Saif khan

  5. No Question, but I just want to say thank you for sharing clear and accurate information in this bog of yours. Keep up the good work, reward is there for you, inshallah

  6. sir please tell me about visa pakages economey or 2 , 3 star

  7. kindly confirm biometric verification is compulsory in new umrah policy?????

  8. AsalamoAlekum. Can a single male 31 year age can go alone for Umrah. Some agents informed he can only travel as a Mehram. But this thing is not mentioned any where in the policy?

    1. Author

      The approved agent can attach you with a family.

  9. i want to know that can i perform umrah without taking package form an agent because my friends lived in Makkah i dont need to book any hotel to live in. can i buy ticket and apply for visa and come to perform umrah ?

  10. Can we book our own hotel accommodations and air ticket? Can we get just Visa from a travel agent? Can we do rest of the things by ourselves?

  11. Aoa, Plesae tell if any individual can apply for umra visa online directly without going to agent. If yes, plesae aslo share the website for apply.

  12. AoA, I am dual national of Pakistan and Australia. Can I apply for Umrah visa just for myself using my Australian passport from Pakistan and is there any difference in visa process for Australian citizen or any additional benefit if I use Australian passport? Thank you.

    1. Author

      You should use a Pakistani passport if you want to get Umrah visa from Pakistan. However, fee and requirements are the same for both countries.

  13. Assalamualaikum
    Plz can u gv me information abt umrah charge for 3 years old child.

    1. Author

      Umrah visa fee is the same i.e 300 Riyal. There will discount on air ticket while hotel booking should be free.

      1. Thanks for ur reply sir, but most of the agents demand full package charges for child above 2 years old as per adults, n says Saudi government announced this policy that child n adults fare now r the same.
        Is it true?

        1. Author

          It is not true, you should contact multiple main Hajj and Umrah agents in your nearest capital city.

  14. Most respected sir
    Asalam o alaikum
    I m in confusion that few travelling agencies published their packages for umrah but i knows thru reliable resources that still funal notification of saudia government not issued regarding visa fees and policy and proper rates packages of umrah
    And did visa fees increased if increased. How is increased and sir in past child ticket and visa only now full package full fees of child like adult or what policy
    Plz guide

    1. Author

      Dear Sikander, 300 Riyal visa fee has been applied and you will have to pay.

  15. I Want To Know That In Which Date Umrah Operation Will Start

    1. Author

      Dear Hamza, the submission of Umrah visa applications has been started from 15 Zil Hajj(16th August 2019) which will continue till 14 Shawwa (l4th June 2020).

  16. Sir, I have two questions.
    1). Is this fee i.e 200 Rial the only fee that Pakistani has to pay or we have to pay along with the other Umrah fee. Is it included in the package?
    2). Is biometric appointment necessary for every Pakistan going for Umrah?

    1. Author

      Dear Zile Quddoos, according to the new rules, now the Umrah visa fee is 300 Riyal for all. It is only visa fee and the package is a different thing.
      Moreover, biometric appointment is not necessary now.

  17. Dear Sir,
    I want to know that about umrah operation and fee.
    On which date umrah operation start in pakistan? What is new policy regarding umrah?

    1. Author

      Dear Hamza, the submission of Umrah visa applications has been started from 15 Zil Hajj(16th August 2019) which will continue till 14 Shawwa (l4th June 2020). According to the new rules, now the Umrah visa fee is 300 Riyal for all.

  18. Dear Sir,
    I want to know that about umrah operation.
    On which date umrah operation start in pakistan? What is new policy regarding umrah?

    1. Author

      The submission of Umrah visa applications has been started from 15 Zil Hajj(16th August 2019) which will continue till 14 Shawwa (l4th June 2020).

  19. Dear Sir,
    I want to know that about umrah operation.
    On which date umrah operation start in pakistan? What is new policy regarding umrah?

    1. Author

      Dear Hassam, your required information is given in the intro of this article.

  20. Now the Saudi govt. Will issue evisa.

    1. Author

      Dear Bilal, E Visa also will be issued through approved Umrah agents.

    1. hello brother suppose I need to go turkey as well on transit visa first I have to go to umrah on the returning I wl go to turkey or I have choice to go to turkey for 7 days and then I have to go to Saudi ?

  21. Dear kindly tell me about this fee abolishment SAR 2000 because I want to go again but still show on my passport this fee on this site.

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