Digital Iqama activation

The Saudi Arabian govt. has provided a big facility to all expiates by allowing them to use digital iqama instead of iqama cards. It is also called “Digital ID’’ in KSA.


Now you don’t need to keep your iqama card along with you. You can show your digital iqama to every official with the help of your cell phone. After this announcement the ex-pats are querying; how to activate Digital Iqama.

How to activate Digital Iqama?

Digital iqama is not a screenshot but an electronic pic of your iqama card generated by the official system. You can’t make its screenshot. You can activate digital iqama in two ways.

  1. With Absher Individuals
  2. Through Tawakkalna App

Activate Digital Iqama with Absher

  • In this method of digital iqama activation, you have to download the ‘’Absher Individuals’’ app from the google play store first.
  • Now log in with Absher ID and password. ·      
  • Then click on the ‘’My Services’’ tab, as shown in the screenshot given below.
How to Activate Digital Iqama
  • It is the last step and you will simply click on the ‘’Activate Digital ID’’ button is as clearly shown in the above pic.

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It is done and the app is showing your ‘’Resident Digital ID’’ with a special barcode. Officials can check your data by scanning this barcode. Your name, iqama number, and iqama expiry date are also available on this digital iqama.

Activate Digital ID with ‘’Tawakkalna’’

Follow these simple steps to activate your digital ID with Tawakkalna App.

  • First of all, install Tawakkalna Application from google play.
  • Log in by using Absher ID and Password, same as in the previous method.
  • You can find here ‘’Digital Document’’ tab on the bottom of the home page. Click on this button.
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  • Then scroll down and click on the ‘’Iqama ID’’ button.

Now you can watch your digital iqama here.

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Final Words:

Friends, there is no doubt, digital iqama is a big facility but you will have to keep your cell phone in your pocket every time. An active data or Wi-Fi connection is also mandatory for this purpose.

Anyhow, the complete answer to your query; “how to activate Digital Iqama” is available in this blog. You can comment below if have any questions regarding digital ID activation.


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