Hive Board Game Cafe Dubai

Everyone likes to have a cup of coffee with a slice of cake but sometimes we are not in the mood for the usual cafe experience. People who are living in Dubai know about many unique spots in town to get their caffeine dose. No more feeling bored, just change your cafeteria and visit the Hive board game cafe.


Hive Board Game Cafe Dubai

There are over 500 board games to select from and spend your time with friends. They have added a cool theme with the touch of some mural wall art. We got to admit that whoever came up with such a great design idea to keep people entertained is an entrepreneur.

Hive board game cafe is a good place to have a daily get-together. Although it’s a very simple idea, the multi-concept added to the cafe with a wide range of board games, lots of books, and regular workshops. However, social interaction in the modern age is decreasing day by day. Select the most unique board game and a delicious snack in the cozy space provided by Hive board game cafe Dubai. We bet that you will lose track of time, once you start playing a game.

Hive Board Game Cafe

Why Should People Visit Hive Board Game Cafe?

It’s a brilliant place to keep you entertained and busy with friends in a clean and safe environment. Have some snacks and drinks while using your brain. Test your strategy and skills by challenging your friends. Everything is settled there in a socially distanced manner.


 You can play a game of Catan or Monopoly and build a tower in Jenga to master balancing abilities. Not only that, there’s more to it because they have so many games that most of us have never heard of. We assure you that you will come back again to try them.

Cafe Location and Games Cost

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Under the Onyx Tower One, the Greens, Dubai.

They are charging differently per person, AED 15 for an hour, AED 25 for 2 hours, and AED 35 to spend your time as long as you want. The menu includes light bites, cold and hot drinks, warps, sandwiches, and protein-filled shakes to keep your brain active. In case you don’t know how to play the games, you can always find the masters to teach you all the stuff in no time.


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They have a mission to open 50+ outlets worldwide and to achieve this goal they are providing a world-class service regardless of gender or economic status of anyone. If you are living or planning on traveling to Dubai, we strongly recommend you visit them. Please read other articles on our website as we upload trending content daily.  


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