Gilgit Postal Code, Zip Code of Gilgit

Gilgit zip code

Gilgit Postal Code

The Gilgit Postal Code is 15100. In actual this query is as ” What is the postal code of Gilgit?”. We can answer it as ” The postal code of Gilgit is 15100”. People also search it as ”Gilgit zip code”.

Zip Code of Gilgit

The Zip and Postal Codes of Gilgit are the same as stated earlier. So you can write the Gilgit zip code as 15100. The zip code of Gilgit is used when you post a letter either national wide or internationally. It is also used in entering postal addresses in any electronic form.

Postal Code of Gilgit (GPO)Zip Code of Gilgit (GPO)

About Gilgit

Gilgit is one of the top touristic destinations of Pakistan. Its Snowy Mountains، springs and charming weather attracts tourists from all around the world. Till a few months ago, this beautiful district was affected by terrorism. Now due to the army operation, unrest has been changed to peace.

Pak Government has opened this area for both local and foreign tourists. The national airline of Pakistan, PIA has started flights from the capital Islamabad to Gilgit. The airline is offering different packages so that the tourists can enjoy the fine weather and winter tourism.

As for as the Gilgit postal code is concerned, the local people and the visitor use it for posting letters of writing post address. They also search for the zip code of Gilgit when putting addresses in digital forms. You can find it easily from our blog.


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