Germany to let store ID cards

Although Germany issues electronic ID cards to its citizens yet it allows letting store ID cards on smartphones. It was announced one and half year ago. People still search it as ‘’Germany to let store ID cards’’.


Germany to Let Store ID Cards

This news was published by the Associated Press agency. It was stated as, “Germany says its citizens will be able to use smartphones to store their government-issued ID cards and prove their identity online. The move is part of a broader effort to haul Germany’s decidedly analogue bureaucracy into the 21st century’’.

According to the AP, the German Interior Ministry said that citizens will be able to use the electronic ID stored in their smartphones. It will contain a PIN number to prove they are who they claim to be when communicating with authorities or private businesses.

Germans are frequently required to present credit card-sized cards featuring their photo and personal details. They use it on the occasion such as when applying for benefits, opening bank accounts or registering a vehicle. While there are already ways of doing this online. The physical card and a card reader are currently required for this purpose.

Benefits of German Citizenship

Separately, the ministry said the Cabinet has agreed on a bill that will make government-generated data openly available to businesses and private individuals where possible, to spur the development of new applications.

German Electronic ID card

German Electronic ID card

After reading the news under heading ‘’ Germany to let store ID cards’, let me know you the details of German Electronic ID. It is the German ID card with an electronic chip that is contactless. It’s an all-purpose card with that is the size of credit card. The photo of the applicant is stored to the chip. Only the official agencies has access to your biometric information. The cardholder can also use the function of electronic ID and consequently use the qualified electronic signature function.


Be sure to read the guidelines for “online ID” before applying for your card “online ID” before submitting an application to get your credit card. You can find it here. You can deactivate or activate online identification anytime. It may be during the duration of the validity of your ID card at the passport/identity card offices. Also at the Embassy or the Consulate General or any other agency that issues identity cards.


It is also necessary to visit in person if you’re trying to change the details of an existing ID card that need your PIN for entering. This could include applications for a brand new PIN (including the replacement of the original “transport PIN”) activates the function of online identification as well as unlocking the ID card.

Removal of Electronic Card

In the event that your identification card has been stolen or lost and the online ID function has been switched on, you must remove the ID card as soon as possible. In this way you can your personal information safe.

  • To remove your ID card To cancel your ID card, contact this Phone number: 0049 180-1-33 33 33
  • To cancel, you’ll provide your name, date of birth, and cancel password (Sperrkennwort).
  • Report your missing or damaged ID to the authority that issued it.

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