Dubai visa on arrival

You are planning to visit the global city of Dubai and want to know whether you need a visa in advance or can enjoy Dubai Visa on Arrival facility. This blog will provide you with complete information regarding your query. Please try to read it carefully so that you feel no need to search for any more information.


Dubai Visa on Arrival

The official website of the UAE Government recently has updated this list, increasing the number to over 70 nationalities qualified for Dubai visa on arrival.

“Some nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival to the UAE, while others need to apply for a visa in advance,” the announcement posted through the UAE Digital Government’s official Twitter account said, before providing a nation-by-country update for travelers who plan to visit the UAE.

This comes at the time that the UAE set ambitious targets for tourism that seek to draw $123 billion in tourism spending to our economy before 2031 along with 40 million hotel guests each year.

Below is a comprehensive list of nations that can be granted 30 or 90-day visas upon arrival, with the requirements and conditions that must be met to qualify.

Dubai visa

30 days Visa on arrival

The following countries are eligible for a 30-day visa on arrival:

• Andorra    • Hong Kong, China• Mauritius• Singapore
• Australia• Japan• Monaco• Ukraine
• Brunei• Kazakhstan• New Zealand• U K and Northern Ireland
• Canada• Macau, China• Republic of Ireland• United States of America
• China• Malaysia• San Marino• Vatican City

90 days Visa on arrival

The following countries are eligible for a 90-day visa on arrival:

• Argentina• El Salvador• Liechtenstein• St. Vincent
• Austria• Estonia• Lithuania• Serbia
• Bahamas• Finland• Luxembourg• Seychelles
• Barbados• France• Maldives• Slovakia
• Belarus• Georgia• Malta• Slovenia
• Belgium• Germany• Montenegro• Solomon Islands
• Brazil• Greece• Nauru• South Korea
• Bulgaria• Honduras• Netherlands• Spain
• Chile• Hong Kong• Norway• Sweden
• Colombia• Hungary• Paraguay• Switzerland
• Costa Rica• Iceland• Peru• Vatican City
• Croatia• Israel• Poland• Ukraine
• Cyprus• Italy• Portugal• Uruguay
• Czech Republic• Kiribati• Romania//////
• Denmark• Latvia• Russian Federation//////

Mexican passport holders are eligible for a visa on arrival valid for 180 days.

Citizens and Residents of Gulf Countries

The citizens of GCC countries are allowed to travel to Dubai without a visa. On the other hand, the residents of these countries can visit Dubai after getting an e-visa.

The Procedure to get a Dubai transit visa 

Indian Citizens

If we talk about Indian citizens only those who are eligible for a visa on arrival that holds a visit visa or Green Card issued by the US or a Residence visa issued by the UK or EU.


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