Dubai Visa Cancellation Fees, Complete Process 2023

Dubai Visa Cancellation fee

Dubai visa cancellation fees is an issue for foreign workers who decide to leave the UAE on a permanent basis. They must have to cancel their visas. Otherwise, they cannot get work visas again without paying heavy fines.

Expats also call this process ‘’employment visa cancellation UAE”. After applying by their company they search for ‘’Dubai visa cancellation status’’. This topic is also discussed in the blog.

Dubai Visa Cancellation Fees

According to the rules, the visa holder asks his company for a Dubai visa cancellation that applies to the labor department. The worker cannot apply himself to this process.

The company is bound to pay the Dubai visa cancellation fee. The fee differs according to the category of the organization.

The average employment visa cancellation fees is AED 100 to AED 200.

Dubai Visa Cancellation fees

How to Apply for Dubai Visa Cancellation?

There are two steps for Dubai Visa Cancellation.

  • First of all, your sponsor or employer will apply for a work permit and contract cancellation at the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • The employer submits the documents electronically including the dues clearance certificate signed by you.
  • The Ministry forwards the information to the GDRFA after completing the necessary processes.
  • The GDRFA  will cancel your residence Visa and inform the Ministry, who then permanently cancel your UAE work permit.

In the second step, company PRO visits one of the typing centers of the GDRFA.

  • The typing center submits the application online and processes it.
  • An employer can also apply online through the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship or GDRFA.

Requirements for Visa Cancellation

According to the GDRFA, the employer will submit the following documents before paying the Dubai visa cancellation fee.

1)- Cancellation form signed by the sponsor.

2)- Clearance certificate of MOHRE with company’s stamp

3)- The original passport and ID.

4)- Sponsor’s identification papers.

You will provide a computerized extract of resident visas If you are out of the UAE.

How Many Days Cancellation of Visa UAE?

The Dubai visa cancellation process takes one to two weeks. During this period you will have to check Dubai visa cancellation status on a daily basis.

UAE Visa Status Check

Grace Period After cancellation

You have a month grace period after Dubai visa cancellation to leave the UAE. If you don’t want to leave the country, you will have to get a new job and work permit as well. Only work permit cancellation is required to change your job in the Emirates.

Important Tasks Before Visa Cancellation

There are some tasks that are necessary to do before applying for employment visa cancellation in UAE.

  • You have to close your bank account.
  • Receive all your dues from your company and do not sign a confirmation letter before collecting your amount.
  • Must Pay all your utility bills and Cancel the tenancy contract.
  • Sell your car and other household items before leaving for your homeland.

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