How to Disconnect Dewa

Dewa Disconnection

DEWA disconnection must be included in your top priorities when you plan to move out of your home in Dubai. Dubai Energy and water authority has made it simple and very easy for its subscribers.


How to Disconnect Dewa?

Here you will find the comprehensive answer to your query about how to disconnect DEWA.

You can use both the app and website for DEWA disconnection and deposit refund applications. Simply create your account by using Emirates ID and follow the steps given below.

  • Login to your account on the Dewa website or app.
  • Now you will select the contract account.
  • Then click on the Refund option.
  • Put the required information and submit the request.
  • Now you will pay the outstanding bills if any exist.
  • Then you have to select the date and time when you are going to leave that premises. 
  • Also mention here the method of security deposit refund.
How to Disconnect Dewa

Note: If the final bill amount is less than the security deposit, your remaining amount will be sent via cheque or online transfer according to your desire.


Offline Dewa Disconnection Method

You also can apply for Dewa disconnection offline by visiting your nearest Happiness Centre. Keep these documents with you for this purpose.

  • Original Emirate ID
  • DEWA Customer Account Number
  • Date when you want to evacuate the space.
  • Tenancy contract
  • Your passport with residing visa
  • Last bill payment receipt

After the submission of the disconnection request, you will receive a link for refund options and a Move out notification number.


Emirates ID Biometrics Centers in Dubai

Dewa Disconnection Fee

DEWA also charges disconnection charges that are given below.

For Small meters: AED 100

Large meters: AED 300

Knowledge and Innovation fee: AED 20

Thukher and Sanad card holders can get a 50% discount on the DEWA disconnection fee.

DEWA Contact:

DEWA Customer Care Centre: +971-4-601-9999

DEWA WhatsApp Number: +971-4-601-9999



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