Before reading the Deem Finance Credit Card Review, you must know that Deem Finance is a bank that offers a wide range of financial solutions. They include loans, deposits and guarantees, and credit cards in the UAE.


Deem credit card offers various advantages such as cash back, miles back, airport access, debt transfer options, and insurance at a low cost. Cardholders can accumulate rewards through the “cash up” and “miles up” options, which can be redeemed for various perks and benefits. Deem Bank offers a variety of fantastic credit cards which are platinum, titanium, World Cash up, and miles up credit cards. They are given below:

Deem Titanium Cash up Credit Card

•Minimum salary: AED 5000

•No fee for the first year

Deem Platinum Cash up Credit Card

•Minimum salary: AED 10,000

•Free for life

Deem World Cash up Credit Card

•Minimum salary: AED 25000

•Fee AED 525

Deem Titanium Miles up Credit Card

•Minimum salary: AED 5000

•Fee AED 210

Deem Platinum Miles up Credit Card

•Minimum salary: AED 10,000

•Free for life

Deem World Miles up Credit Card

•Minimum salary: AED 25000

•Fee AED 525

How to apply for Deem credit cards?

You can apply for a Deen card by fulfilling the required criteria.

Eligibility criteria:

The applicant should meet these eligibility factors:

•Age: generally starting from 21 years to 65 years

•Valid residence address in UAE

•Income: Minimum income per month which may vary from card to card

 Deem credit card review

How to apply?

Visit the website

Once on the website, you should choose the card you want and input your details. After doing so, you should receive approval within minutes.

Following the approval, an agent will contact you to arrange the pickup of your documents.

Documents required to apply:

•Residence visa and passport

•Valid Emirates ID

•Bank statements for the previous 3-6 months

•Address proof

•Trade license

Common Queries

How to activate a card?


You can activate your Deem Credit Card by using your Deem Mobile app or Deem Online, or by calling the Customer Care unit. You can also send an email to

How to set/reset Card PIN?

To set or reset your 4-digit Deem Credit Card PIN, you can do so by logging into the Deem mobile app or Deem Online. Once logged in, go to the ‘Details’ section and click on ‘Set/Reset PIN.’

What does Double Secure Protection mean?

The “Double Secure Protection” is a free insurance feature that not only covers the remaining balance on your credit card but also provides an equivalent amount to your nominee in case of an event that triggers the insurance policy.

What is Purchase protection?

Purchase protection is insurance that covers accidental damage or theft for up to 180 days from the date of purchase.

Can a supplementary cardholder also enjoy the deals offered on the bank’s mobile app?

Yes, a supplementary cardholder can also enjoy the benefits from the DEM offers application.

How will I get to know the amount of cash that I have earned on my Deem Credit Card?

The cashback you’ve earned on your credit card will be shown on your monthly credit card statement. For every cash-up point you earn, it’s equivalent to one dirham. There’s no minimum spending requirement set by the bank for you to earn cash-up rewards.

Deem Finance Credit Card Review


Competitive Interest Rates: Gone are the days when credit cards were synonymous with exorbitant fees.

High Reward Points: Every dirham spent brings you closer to some exciting rewards.


Eligibility Constraints: Not everyone can enjoy the wonders of Deem Finance Credit Cards.

Limited Partnerships: Some users might find the range of partnered brands a tad limited.


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