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Changes in US visa policy for Pakistan

US Visa

If you want to get US visa, you will have to aware of new US visa policy, as US has changed its visa policy for Pakistan in different categories. According to the notification issued by the US Embassy in Islamabad, now the journalists will be granted a visa only for 3 months. earlier it was for 5 years. Work visa and religious visa period is also decreased from five to one year.

However trade/business, tourist and study visas period will be remain 5 year. On the other hand, the visa period for officials is not fixed, it will depend on the purpose of the visit. Diplomatic sources have claimed that as Pakistan embassy in Washington already issued a visa for 3 months to US journalists, so America has tried to make a balance in policy.                (US visa information in Urdu)

us visa

Changes in US visa fee

US visa fee are also revised. Pakistani embassy is charging $ 192 as visa fee from US journalists, while US visa fee was $ 160. Now new US visa fee is also $ 192 for journalist visa in new US visa policy for Pakistan. So Pakistani journalists will have to pay same fee for US visa.

similarly, Visa fee for H visa, L visa and R visa is revised. Applicants of these visas will pay $ 198 instead of $ 160 now i.e, they will have to pay $ 38 extra. (Embassies in Islamabad)

Explanation from US Embassy in Islamabad

Later on, US embassy in Islamabad explained through a statement that the US Visa policy for Pakistan is not changed. They have made only some changes to balance the Policy with Pakistan. Both the countries issue visas for 3 months and one year to the journalists for temporary work.



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