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Turkey visa

Procedure to get Turkey Visa from Pakistan

Turkey visa from Pakistan Gerry’s Visa Drop-box Centers collect Turkey visa applications in Pakistan. Before visiting Gerry’s office, you will have to visit Turkey embassy in Islamabad website to fill...

Vietnam visa for Pakistani

Easy way to get Vietnam visa in 2019

Vietnam visa for Pakistani citizens Vietnam visa has attraction for Pakistani citizens from two aspects. First is for tourism point of view, while second one is for those who want...

Schengen visa

Easy way to get Schengen visa from Pakistan

Schengen Visa Countries Schengen area is consist of 26 countries which are known as Schengen visa countries and the visit visa issued by these countries is called Schengen visa. You...

UK Visa

Easy way to get UK Visa from Pakistan

UK Visa from Pakistan If you want to get Uk visa from Pakistan, you must know that the UK has now introduced a standard visitor visa for the all short-term...