Belarus visa on arrival

More than 30 countries are visa free and visa on arrival for Pakistanis at the moment. According to the Henley Passport Index, these are 32 exactly. Totally 9 Countries are visa free while 23 issue entry visa to Pakistani passport holders at their airports and entry points. Belarus Visa OnContinue Reading

UAE flights

Update about UAE Flights From Pakistan Updated on 18/09/2021. The UAE government has announced that starting August 30, visitors from Pakistan with visit visa are allowed to enter the UAE. Only the vaccinated citizens from Pakistan can now visit Dubai on tourist visas. You can also apply for a TouristContinue Reading

work in japan

Here is good news for you guys, the govt of Japan has launched the Japan Technical Intern Training Program. This industrial county wants to import a thousand young workers from developing countries including Pakistan. As you know Japan has a shortage of manpower. So it is interested in the transferContinue Reading