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Australian Dollar to PKR 

Australian Dollar to PKR currency conversion is the need for Pakistanis living in Australia and the people involve in the Pak Australia trade. For their convenience, we have installed this AUD to PKR

currency converter. They can use it to know accurate rates of 1AUD to PKR and PKR to AUD conversions.

Friends, if you want to analyze the power of the Australian dollar to PKR, you will have to know the basic information about Australia.  It is a fact that Australia is a developed country having a strong mixed market economy and a GDP of $ 1.7 trillion. According to a Wikipedia document, the service sector is the dominating sector of the Australia economy. This sector employs more than seventy-nine percent of labor of the country.

Australian official currency is Dollar (AUD) which usually remains stable as compare to other currencies. Purchasing power parities is an economic term which depends upon the value of the currency of a country. Australian’s purchasing power is increasing regularly due to the gradual increase in AUD value. An economic report of a well-reputed organization OECD shows that this value was 1.311 in 2000, 1.329 in 2001, 1.336 in 2002, 1.356 in 2013, 1.366 in 2014, 1.388 in 2015, 1.403 in 2015, 1.427 in 2016 and remains 1.479 in 2017. This is the power of the Australian dollar which also affects the conversions of Australian Dollar to PKR.

Pakistani Community in Australia

The reason behind the record searches of ”AUD to PKR” is the Pakistani community living in Australia. Almost 70 thousand Pakistanis are settled in Australia and it is the second-largest community of foreigners living there. Most of the Pakistanis like other Asians were migrated in the 1970 s when immigration rules were relaxed to overcome the shortage of manpower in Australia. More than 60 thousand Pakistanis have Australian nationality now.

The majority of Pakistani immigrants are settled in capital Sydney. Now their sons are Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen and also common workers. This community send money to Pakistan for the assistance of their relatives and also to invest in their homeland. In this way, they check Australian Dollar to PKR rates.

australian dollar to pkr

AUD to PKR    

Pakistanis know the value of AUD to PKR because it is a fact that Australia has been the best destination for them after America and Canada. Eventually, more than ten thousand Pakistanis are also living there on works permits. They are struggling for a better future for their families as well as their country. These Pakistanis usually convert AUD to PKR

every month to send remittances to their country. Australia Visa requirements

There are also more than sixteen thousand Pakistani students in Australia. Victoria is a city where the majority of them is living. This Pakistani community has to do more struggle for their future, as they maintain part-time jobs with their studies. They tried their level best to meet their educational expenses by their selves in Australia. Whenever these students failed to do so, they call their parents for financial help who make PKR to AUD conversion and send them money in the Australian dollar. As students demand money in dollars, parents have to check the rate of ”1 AUD to PKR’’.

Best Converter for Australian Dollar to PKR    

Friends, a lot of currency converters are available on different sites for Australian Dollar to PKR. You can try all of these but there is a one million question that which converter is providing you accurate AUD to PKR exchange rates.  As you know that accuracy demands updates, so that tool is better which is updated on an hourly basis by the operators.

In this sense, you can use our currency converter to check 1 AUD to PKR value. So do not hesitate and visit our site for this purpose. It is recommended that you should check exchange rates from a minimum of three different sources before converting the Australian Dollar to PKR. This is called a counter check method, which must be adopted in currency conversion.

Support your country

Dear countrymen, as a Pakistani always remember this advice that you must have to send remittances in Pakistan through the banking channel. As a result of a legal AUD to PKR transaction, remittances reached our country and our foreign currency reserves increased.

This small action will strengthen the economy of your beloved country. It is the service that the nation demands from overseas Pakistanis. So always keep this fact in your mind and never use “hundi’’ and other illegal channels to save a little.


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