About Us

I am Zafar A Bhatti, a working journalist, researcher and blogger. Almost nine years ago, I observed that the human trafficking was harming our innocent and illiterate people. They were losing their wealth and lives to reach Europe and other parts of the world. I decided to spread awareness about the legal ways for visiting other countries. So I started my work and in a few months wrote a book “Visa Guide”. In this book, all information about visas and immigration was in Urdu, so that everybody could understand the rules and procedures. “Visa guide” got much popularity and we were able to publish two editions in a year.

Then after eight years, I created visa guide channel on YouTube. That is successfully spreading our message. Now most of the people, adopt legal way. They make their visa cases themselves and get visas without any agent.

After reaching these milestones, we have started our blog “visaguideurdu.com”. Our medium of this blog is also Urdu, so that people can get information in their own language.

Visitors can help us in this mission by sharing Visa guide message on social media, as well as by their feedback.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Zafar A Bhatti


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