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Countries offering e-visa to Pakistani citizens

Pakistani passport is ranked as third lowest out of 196 countries. However, Pakistani passport holders can still visit 43 countries without visa or visa on arrival. A lot of countries also offer e-visa to...

EAD Card

Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

What Is EAD? EAD is Employment authorization document ( Form I-765) which is also called work permit. EAD Card is issued by the United States immigration department (USCIS) that provides impermanent employment authorization to noncitizens...

german visa

جرمن ویزے اتنی مشکل سے کیوں ملتے ہیں؟

اگر آپ کبھی پاکستان سے طویل مدتی جرمن ویزے کے حصول کے عمل سے گزرے ہوں تو آپ جانتے ہوں گے کہ یہ کتنا مشکل اور تھکا دینے والا عمل ہے۔جرمن ویب سائٹ نے...